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Ten Ways Voice Will Disrupt the Workplace In the Next Five Years

New innovations are quickly emerging that will change the way we do everything. This eBook answers many questions about the fast-evolving role of voice that’s revitalising workforce efficiency and reimagining the entire customer experience.

Unified Communications as a Service for Dummies®

From compelling case studies to a handy glossary of terms, this eBook unpacks everything you need to most effectively bring your messaging, video, and phone together via the cloud.

What your Business Needs for a Hybrid & Remote-First Workplace

Whether your business adopted hybrid working, remote or something in-between, the transition likely hasn’t been simple. In this eBook, we share advice on exactly what you need for a hybrid or remote-first workplace.

Connecting the Unconnected: Satellite’s Role in Digital Transformation

This e-book looks at the massive opportunity for growth in mobile, fixed broadband and Pay-TV/OTT video penetration, and unpacks the mutual benefits of partnerships between satellite providers and MNOs.

Fast Chats

Digitization in Sub-Saharan Africa: Paving the Way for 5G

Todd Ashton, Head of Ericsson South and East Africa, talks about digitization in Sub-Saharan Africa thanks to 4G bringing endless opportunities such as mobile money & how the region is paving the way for 5G.

The Future of Satellite and 5G in Africa

In this Fast Chat interview, Connecting Africa Editor, Paula Gilbert, is joined by Semin Hassanaly from ST Engineering iDirect to discuss how hybrid Satellite 5G networks can enable new business cases for MNO's.

Emerging Trends in African Satellite Connectivity

Regional Vice President, Africa for ST Engineering iDirect, Pieter-Paul Mooijman, joins Connecting Africa Editor, Paula Gilbert, to discuss satellite’s role in Africa’s digital transformation.


Africa Green ICT: Lighting Up a Sustainable Continent

The Africa Green ICT Webinar 2022 brought together tech industry leaders and senior industrial analysts to explore how to achieve zero-carbon targets and practice green development in Africa.

Boosting customer experience in the digital age

This webinar explored how CRM platforms, mobile payment, lead capture, and online marketing are key factors in building a successful 21st-century digital business.

Partner Perspectives

Trustonic: Accelerating Africa's business opportunities with an adaptable 5G

Digital Solutions Group: Future proof your business with integrated customer experience

Amdocs: Boosting digital inclusion for socio-economic improvement

Trustonic: How innovative device financing can help Africa's mobile evolution

TeamViewer: Augmented reality's impact on the future of work for frontline workers

Clickatell: Chat holds the key to a vibrant growth economy in Africa

BCS Group: Unlocking Africa's connectivity future through fiber networks

Huawei: 5G is lighting up the future of North Africa

Content Pieces

Infographic: Bridging the Connectivity Gap to a Better World

Around half of the world’s population cannot access the internet, and mobile network operators, although eager to meet connectivity needs, face significant challenges in building out mobile network infrastructure in areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa’s most remote and rural regions.

Protecting operator revenues with proactive fraud prevention

Discover how enterprises can protect their cloud communications infrastructure from fraud.

The sophistication of telecom fraud is increasing, and the dramatic increase in cloud communications uptake has made it a target for fraud. Enterprises urgently need a way to halt international telecom fraud proactively as it moves across cloud platforms and telecom network.

Powering the future of small cells and beyond

Mobile data traffic has grown 4,000-fold since 2007 and will continue growing at a rate of 53 percent annually through 20201. 1,000x the bandwidth, new business models, new applications (connected cars, IoT, etc.). It’s a brand new world!

What’s required? More spectrum, the Internet of Things, and many more cell sites.

O3b mPOWER - Engineering Freedom

O3b mPOWER reaches new thresholds of system scale, flexibility, and performance -enabling you to deliver cloud-optimised network connectivity with the confidence that customers everywhere will experience service levels previously on possible over fibre.

Learn how O3b mPOWER helps you deploy cloud-optimised services that drive business growth everywhere your customers operate.

Digital Maturity – Are we on the Right Path?

The heart of digital natives’ success is that they have revolutionized how (and how easily) consumers interact with the companies or individuals they buy products and services from.

Discover how traditional CSPs are faring on their digital transformation strategies and what digital maturity models are and how can they help.

Finding Visibility and Control in a Hybrid World – A Framework for Defining Your Service Monitoring Strategy

As organizations adopt transformational technologies (like hybrid and multi-cloud, APIs, and big data) the management of business services becomes even more complex.

This whitepaper provides a framework for mapping your services and identifying gaps in your monitoring strategy and insights on how to design your organization to drive service-level improvements.

New Dell EMC PowerStore Delivers High-End Enterprise Storage Features at Midrange Price Point

As enterprises continue to undergo DX, they are looking to improve storage performance, scalability, manageability, and agility as well as IT infrastructure efficiency.

This whitepaper from First Technology KZN, a Dell Technologies Titanium partner, assists enterprises looking to improve storage performance, scalability, manageability, agility & IT infrastructure efficiency.

5G shaping the always on networks of tomorrow

5G is poised to deliver on all the exciting promises of our connected world, meaning 10 Gbps throughput, denser networks, super-low latency & unlimited potential.

Explore how subscribers are demanding more bandwidth, how mobile network operators (MNOs) are seeking new ways to profit from their networks, and a new generation of applications—from the Internet of Things (IoT) to self-driving cars to virtual reality— that are, or soon will be, in use.